Invite only

As part of the European Biotech Week,  Johnson and Johnson is hosting an exclusive roundtable discussion on “Life Science Investments in Europe” in which postitions will be discussed on how the European investment climate can be improved.

A Roundtable will be co-organised by Euractiv. Participants are from industry, academia, life science research institutes, venture capital, the European Commission, the European Parliament, as well as representative companies from Johnson & Johnson’s biotech incubator, called JLABS.

The meeting will be introduced and moderated by Stefan Gijssels, health policy consultant and patient advocate, who will also present the key findings of a study commissioned by Johnson & Johnson on the comparative attractiveness for life science investments in European Member States. First Europe will be compared with other continents, and then comparisons between Member States will be presented. All participants will be asked to present their position on what constitute the major challenges and opportunities for life science investments in the EU, after which an open discussion will take place.