The ability to rationally and constructively tackle issues that are both delicate and strongly influential is essential in the Era of Communication. For this very reason, Biotechnology students of the University of Bologna are kindly invited to take part in the Play Decide on the topic of Animal Testing. The debate-role playing game aims at promoting a dialogue on a delicate yet crucial topic for the academic world and for the progress of medical research in general. Together the students will have to discuss facts and issues related to this topic, attempting to understand contrasting opinions and finally find a common ground on how they would regulate animal testing.

The Play Decide is made up of three main parts: the choosing of the cards, the actual debate, and the writing of the regulation. At the end of the game each group will expose their own regulations to the others.

Two session of the game will take place, to allow all students to take part.

9 a.m. – 12 a.m.: 1st Session

2 p.m. – 5 p.m.: 2nd Session

Venue: Bologna – Aula Multifunzione, plesso didattico Navile (Università di Bologna) Via della Beverara 123

Focus: red Biotech

Type: Play Decide

More info:

Organiser: Università di Bologna e Minerva Associazione di Divulgazione Scientifica, ANBI –Associazione Nazionale Biotecnologi Italiani