Country: Belgium

Venue: Virtual Event

Host: Kantify

Website: Kantify

Drug discovery and drug development are among the most critical science activities contributing to better human health and wellbeing. However, the actual process has demonstrated to be exceedingly complex, expensive, and time-consuming, which makes it very difficult to deliver new, safe, and efficient drugs to patients.

In order to help advance the drug discovery process, we are building an end-to-end drug discovery pipeline for the future. By using modern technologies, curated data, and a set of in-house algorithmic innovations we make most of the drug discovery in silico and therefore transform the whole process to better, faster, cheaper, and more individualized drug development.

Our solution employs in silico phenotypic screening for target identification, AI-based approaches for target validation, in silico High Throughput Screening (vHTS), selection of promising leads for upcoming clinical trials, and the use of genomic data to reduce clinical failure. Thanks to powerful AI techniques to handle and analyze big and complex data-carrying various biological information, the whole process is becoming less time-consuming, less expensive, and more insightful.

Target audience: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, drug screening centers, contract research centers, academic and research institutions