Area of interest: Red biotech

Type: Labs/training

Autoimmune diseases are one of the emerging and increasing noncommunicable diseases. Biological therapies represent a real Copernican revolution in the treatment of these diseases. Biotechnology has improved the quality of care and life of patients; biotechnological advances, however, has led the healthcare professionals to become highly specialized technicians, forgetting that in every patient, beyond the pathology as disease according to the biomedical model, there is a human being person with his illness experience (according to the biopsychosocial model. Therapeutic relationship between the healthcare professional and the patient is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of biological therapies as it results into patient’s involvement in his therapeutic project, greater responsibility and better adherence. The lab is devoted to Pharmacy students and consists of a theoretical part delivered by a clinician and a pharmacist that will provide students with a general overview of the autoimmune diseases and of new biological drugs. During the practical part, students will be able to practice the theoretical learning in the frame of the Narrative Medicine. Narrative Medicine is a methodology that belongs to all healthcare professionals since it allows the integration of the relational component of the care with clinical competences. The integration lets every healthcare professional “dispense” effective treatments that means to give patients technical answer to their diseases and humanistic answer to their illness.

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Organiser: Area Informazione Scientifica, Educazione e Informazione Sanitaria SIFO; Dipartimento di Farmacia Università Federico II  – AORN “A. Cardarelli”, Napoli