The Netherlands Diessen - bioeconomy

When facing global challenges, such as climate change, we need to establish ideal growing conditions for the Biobased Economy. There are many obstacles in the EU internal market for the Biobased Economy. Bioeconomy is still in its early stage. It’s time to act. On the 4th of September in the Netherlands, the key problems were discussed at the LandArt exhibition with Biobased products. Member of the European Parliament for the EPP Group, Lambert van Nistelrooij, initiated three parallel sessions: Export Thinking, Financial Thinking and Design Thinking.  In a follow-up meeting during the European Biotech Week, the outcomes of the workshops were at the heart of the discussion. Increasing the awareness of consumers, creating a legislative framework and stimulating entrepreneurs to use innovative financial frameworks, like the European Fund for Structural Investments (EFSI) are summarised in the document that was the outcome.