What: BBI JU Bio-based Show ‘Made in Europe’

Where: European Parliament, Building Altiero Spinelli, Zone D, Vis-à-vis the cafeteria on 3rd floor

When: Wednesday, 27 September, 6:30pm

The BBI JU walking exhibition is an innovative and engaging way to show how everyday objects can have bio-based ingredients, and that the application of bio-based technologies offers new opportunities for developing the bio-economy in Europe. This unique, vanguard exhibition presents more than 20 different bio-based products from more than a dozen companies, displaying current, concrete realization of the bio-economy. Bio-based products are evidence of the bio-economy, and it is important to communicate the benefits of these products to all stakeholders along the value chain, including producers, distributors, users, consumers, public authorities, and NGOs. As environmental awareness grows, the demand for products from sustainable manufacturing processes, including bio-based products, is also likely to increase and, with it, the need to raise awareness and broaden knowledge about these innovative products.

The walking exhibition was developed against this background. Its objective is to show that the bio-economy is more than a policy. It proposes concrete solutions to major societal, environmental and economic challenges. European industry has adopted some of these solutions and found new, innovative and resource-efficient ways of developing services and goods, thus contributing to develop an industrial economy that is low carbon, high value and locally sourced. The EU, national, regional, and local governments, industries, individual companies, workers, and consumers will all need to contribute to the changes the bio-economy and these bio-based products offer.

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking is very proud to share this unique show with the European Parliament, an exhibition conceived to guide guests through new, wondrous solutions for renewable raw materials and waste – clothes made of milk that cannot be used for consumption, cups made of used coffee waste, bikes made of flax fibres, dandelion flowers turned into tyres…

Someone dreamt it. We live it.