Where? Mediterranean Agronomical Institute – IAM

Via Ceglie, 9 – 70010 Valenzano (BA)

In collaboration with Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo

Italian research in agro-food sector, is deeply involved in the major challenges of the future agriculture, like productivity and sustainability, while attention to biodiversity is fundamental. First of all it gives attention to the preservation, with the great “library” of agricultural germplasm, precisely guested by the CNR center of Bari. Not less important is the effort of description and genetic interpretation of the cultivated species. The contribute of our research has actually been decisive in genetic mapping of very important cultivations like wine, rice, peach tree, strawberry, whereas others, like hard wheat, are in a very advanced phase.

Welcome greetings (IAM – CNR – Assobiotec)

Cosimo Lacirignola – IAMB, Valenzano. Meeting between needs and knowledge

Michele Morgante, IGA Udine, Vine genetic mapping and its practical applications
Domenico Pignone, IBBR-CNR, Bari.  Germplasm bank of Bari, heritage of biodiversity
Luigi Cattivelli, CRA,Fiorenzuola. Hard wheat vs. “ideal wheat”
Giuseppe Vendramin, IBBA-CNR, Bari. Biodiversity and climatic changes
Francesco Cellini, Metapontum Agrobios, Metaponto.  Typization platform for the Mediterranean agriculture

Assobiotec exponent. Conclusions.

Round table

Moderator: Ivano Valmori – Agronotizie

Take part: Cosimo Lacirignola (IAMB) – Francesco Loreto (CNR) Elisabetta Lupotto (CRA) – Michele Morgante (SIGA) – Assobiotec