Host: Synbio Powerhouse and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Country: Finland

Venue: Online Zoom Events

Website: SynBio Powerhouse - Annual Seminar: Why the Bioeconomy needs Synthetic Biology

This year the Synbio Powerhouse annual seminar will explore the symbiosis of synthetic biology and the circular bioeconomy. We will present exciting new pilot cases and fundamental research from our synbio ecosystem. Microbes are uniquely capable to utilise bio waste as feedstock. With the tools of synthetic biology we are able to engineer the microbes to efficiently convert the waste into useful products such as biomaterials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Achieving a truly sustainable use of biomass derived from agriculture, forest or food industry can highly benefit from refining its waste and side streams using biotechnology. What could be done, what is needed and how should be move forward – join us to discuss this hot topic together with industry experts, researchers and policy makers. In our event you will also hear some of the latest finding from novel synbio research.
Program themes: Waste as feedstock; Biosynthetic production; Novel Synbio Research.

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