—Note that this event will be held in German— 

The integration of the principles of nature in various economic sectors and manufacturing processes is becoming increasingly important. No wonder, after all, in times of climate change and scarcity of resources, new ways have to be found to produce efficiently and ecologically sustainably. Experts believe that biologization will have a similar impact on the economy and society as digitalization.
Would you like to know more about biologization and related topics such as bionics and bio-based materials?

Then come to the forum “Biologization” of the Cluster New Materials on September 25, 2019 in the Bionicum Nuremberg.

Information and registration can be found at https://www.bayern-innovativ.de/veranstaltung/biologisierung2019.

These topics are waiting for you:
• Bio-based materials – sustainable use of natural resources
• Bionics – transferring the inspiration of nature into technology
• Additive manufacturing – efficient rebuilding of intelligent design
• Industrial biotechnology – resource efficient production
• Synthetic Biology – Molecular tools and machines for production

Benefit from the Ecosystem!
Get a sense of the biological transformation and network with the players of the bioeconomy. Meet companies from the industrial biotechnology, bio-based chemistry, materials and plastics industry as well as bionics and 3D printing. Users give you an insight into new technology and material developments and innovative products. Research institutes show what can already be achieved today and what the future holds in store.
Be inspired by organic!

If you have any questions about the organization and registration, please contact Theresa Ammon at +49 (0) 911-20671-155 or by email at ammon@bayern-innovativ.de.
The Cluster New Materials and the partner coordination point Additive Manufacturing and Bionicum are looking forward to your participation.

Event host: Bayern Innovativ, Cluster New Materials
Event venue: Bionicum, Am Tiergarten 30, 90480 Nuremberg