Country: Italy

Host: IC-CNR Catania & IPCB, ICB, IC, IBE, CNR Catania

Venue: Catania, Area della Ricerca del CNR - Via Paolo Gaifami 9-18


The Institute of Crystallography opens its facilities to tell the world of biotechnologies and their application in chemical-biomedical research through an exploratory journey. The visits will involve the “Protein Expression” and “Cell Culture and Microscopy” laboratories.

Visitors will be introduced to the use of the biotechnological approach following a path that goes from the study, design and / or modification of a biomolecule of interest to health, to its structural and / or functional / biological characterization.

(Visitors will be divided into small groups taking into account and respecting the anti-COVID regulations. If there are no conditions to carry out the event in person, a digital event will be set up.)