Host: AseBio

Country: Spain

Venue: Hybrid - Online & Onsite, in Pamplona (Navarre), Spain

Website : BIOSPAIN 2021

BIOSPAIN 2021 will be held from September 27th to October 1st as a hybrid event: Virtual Exhibition, Digital Partnering partneringOne®, and Online & Onsite (in Pamplona, Navarre) Program Sessions.

Jointly organized in its 10th edition by AseBio, the Spanish Bioindustry Association and Sodena (Government of Navarre), BIOSPAIN has become one of the leading biotech events in Europe, being the perfect setting for forging new partnerships and strengthening existing business relationships in the biotechnological industry.

Last edition, BIOSPAIN host 200 exhibitors, 1.750 participants, 54 international investors, 773 companies and institutions from 31 countries and 3.330 one-to-one meetings.