Venue: Siracusa, sala conferenze liceo Scientifico L. Einaudi, via Pitia
Area of interest: healthcare biotech
Type of activity: Meeting/debate
More info: + 39 334.3030301,, + 39 338.7054421,

A meeting between SIFO pharmacists and last year’s high school students, following agreement with school presidents, within the biotechnology area for health, to deepen discussions on biotech medicines. Thanks to the new drugs developed, today we can cure many incurable diseases, with more and more safe medications and with fewer side effects: vaccines, treatments against different forms of hepatitis, the most effective and less harmful antitumor for the body,  immune defense stimulants, treatments for HIV/AIDS patients. The objective of the meeting is to foster the debate with students on the subject of biotechnology applied to therapies so that they can know the various modes of production, experimentation and use of biotech drugs for the most common diseases, their main and secondary effects, aspects related to proper conservation, the mode of administration, and the reporting of post-marketing ADRs.

Organizers: Consiglio Direttivo SIFO and Area SIFO Farmaceutica Territoriale