Sanitary emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic strongly points out the fundamental role played by Biotechnologies as powerful strategy to counteract the virus.  The event, held at Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology (IBBC) of CNR, aims at promoting the understanding of “Biotechnologies”, with particular regard to those related to human health.

Several real/virtual workstations will be organized as mini-research areas, where students will have the chance to follow experiments. Participants, (students, teachers, families) will also attend short seminars and discussions on specific biotechnological aspects.

The event intends to promote the understanding of the achievements and the future challenges that biotechnological development aims to reach following the «ONE Health» initiative for implementation of a circular health programme, where human, animal and environmental health are interconnected. 4 webinars e 8 tutorials will be online on October 1 2020


  • 10:00 Welcome by Director of IBBC Alessandro Soluri:
  • 10:15 Monoclonal antibodies: a biotechnological success for human health

protection. Maria Rosaria Coscia

  • 10:45 Bioinformatics in the precision medicine. Francesco Russo
  • 11:15 World under microscope Marinella Pirozzi
  • 11:45 Computer Aided Design of Novel Treatments for COVID-19. Andrea R. Beccari

Prof. Francesca Menna, Department of health of Naples, will attend the meeting

Tutorial online

  • Polymerase chain reaction in the time of Coronavirus. Alessia Ametrano
  • Recombinant DNA, bacteria and biotechnologies: from the bench to bedside Annunziata Corteggio e Miriam Lucariello
  • Biosensors for monitoring human and environmental health. Ferdinando Febbraio
  • Nanotechnology and microbiology: the great meeting in the world of the small Paola Italiani, Daniela Melillo, Nguyen Phuc
  • Innovative multiifunctional enzymes: from pesticide detoxification to biocontrol of bacterial pathogens. Elena Porzio, Teresa Maria Carusone, Giuseppe Manco
  • Genetic engineering and genome: biotechnologies, medicine and ethic Daniela Spano, Nina Dathan
  • Exploring immune system: vaccines and organism’s defence strategies. Rossella Sartorius
  • Anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: ongoing trials. Maria Trovato

Event host: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche -Istituto di Biochimica e Biologia Cellulare (IBBC), Napoli e Monterotondo
Event venue: Napoli, CNR Area della Ricerca Napoli 1, Aula Conferenze, V. Pietro Castellino 111 o Digital event
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