We propose a one-day public event in the town of Tuscania (Viterbo – Italy) to introduce people to the world of Biotech, a fairly complex topic, which we intend to address with a simple and direct language in order to involve mostly a non- specialized audience.
The issues that will be addressed, in an extemporaneous scientific/literary salon, mainly concern: Epigenetic and Correct Lifestyles,  New Techniques, Safety in Biotechnological Laboratories and  Safety in Agrifood. Our new so called “SPAIC educational model” will also be presented: it has been studied and experimented through the activities carried out in collaboration with Schools, Institutions and other Organizations that will be invited to participate in the event of 27 September in Tuscania.
The course of the day is expected to be realized “in stages”: an informal workshop in a house “salon”, a multimedia session in a dedicated room and a motivational coaching show in the garden. Experiential workshops will be realized in order to capture the attention of visitors of all ages, and raise awareness among young generations and the whole civil society, on the importance of adopting correct behaviors and lifestyles.
Over the years, innovative methodologies have been used by Inail researchers to convey prevention messages, in a clearer and more exemplary way for users, which will be available and accessible to the public during the event.
Furthermore, the experience carried out in collaboration with Schools (Higher Education Institutes) has shown how the training methodologies are more effective when coupled with motivational drive, obtainable by involving the final user: the so-called “gentle push”. The overall methodology that we have experimented – and called “SPAIC Model” – allows us to act on the attitude of individuals, pushing them to take actions aimed at the best possible results of prevention: it will be also presented and applied during the one-day event of public scientific dissemination, in the activities that will take place outdoor, in the garden space.

Venue: Tuscania (VT)

Focus: Red Biotech, Green Biotech

Type: Meeting/Debate, Labs/Training, Art/show

More info: e.sturchio@inail.it, a.nebbioso@inail.it

Organiser: NanoRacks – Space Outpost Europe srl, Ixtal SRL, Università Sapienza