Venue: Experimental Biology Laboratories, Department of Biology and Biotechnology, via Ferrata 9

Area of interest: white biotech, green biotech

Type of activity: labs training, meeting/debate

More info and booking: (bookings before September 25th)

From the bases of life to biotechnology: hands-on and dialogues on biotechnological researches and their impact on society and everyday life. Upon booking via email at, participants will be able to experience two hours of real laboratory life by performing experiments derived from projects ongoing at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology dealing with: “microbial biotechnologies”, with the purification of an innovative biomaterial from bacterial producers; “plant biotechnologies”, with the genetic engineering of spinach; “molecular biotechnologies”. Other ongoing projects will also be presented and it will be possible to interact and discuss directly with the scientists involved.

Organizer: Università di Pavia – Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie