Host: EuropaBio

Country: Belgium

Venue: Online WebEx Event


EuropaBio’s launch meeting for Biotech Week will share how science finds its way to an end use, whether it is a new medicine, or a product developed using new scientific processes.

Europe sets the global standard for consumer and environmental protection. This translates into a regulatory framework for different sectors through which novel products must pass before they can be used in Europe. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are the gateway for new products and play a critical role in how Europe innovates safely.

It can be complicated, particularly for new science. So how does Europe deliver innovation to benefit patients and our planet whilst ensuring the high standards and safety that we expect?

The Covid response from regulators demonstrated how Europe can be agile and rapid for the vaccines that are now helping Europe restore a safe and open society. Our launch event for Biotech Week brings together the community that develops products from science to consumers, highlighting how we can evolve our regulatory systems help develop safe societies and a competitive Europe.

Join us to find out how science reaches its target and help EuropaBio kick start a week dedicated to the explanation and celebration of biotechnology. REGISTER HERE.