A high-level stakeholder event on September 16th on cell and gene therapies in the Netherlands with various stakeholders who will discuss the future of  ATMPs (advanced therapy medicinal products) in the Netherlands in an interactive way.

Cell and gene therapies promise patients with rare and serious diseases a way to not only treat but also cure their disease. The Netherlands has a great organization for clinical research and plays a significant role worldwide in the development of complex cell and gene therapies. However, there are limiting factors in the Netherlands when implementing these new therapies. Environmental law is delaying the clinical research phase, and there are concerns about the pressure these new therapies are putting on the healthcare budget. The stakeholder meeting aims to gain insight into the bottlenecks of cell and therapies in the Netherlands and to explore possible solutions.

Schuttelaar & Partners organizes the stakeholder meeting on behalf of HollandBio and five of its members. Participants will exchange ideas with the stakeholders in the field about the future of cell and gene therapies in the Netherlands in an interactive way. The program involves a plenary session, theme groups, network dinner and concludes with a debate on relevant topics.

Event host: HollandBio in cooperation with Schuttelaar & Partners
Event venue: Louwman Museum, Leidsestraatweg 57, The Hague
Website : https://www.maatschappelijkcafe.nl/events/2020/cel-en-gentherapie/aankondiging
Twitter hashtag/social media account link: https://twitter.com/HollandBIO