Venue: Francavilla Fontana (BR), Sala comunale del Castello Imperiale, Via Municipio, 16

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: labs/training

More info:

The classification of type 1 Diabetes in children has been completely changed according to the presence of inherited, non–autoimmune forms together with the autoimmune one (DMT1). This multifaceted landscape has important implications in therapeutic choices, in the educational approach and in the patient adherence. Recombinant insulin analogs, insulin pumps, and newer devices for home monitoring have drastically improved the ability to control glucose concentrations in patients who have diabetes. Thanks to the biotechnologies, individuals affected by DMT1 can be provided with personalized targeted treatments improving the management of the disease and their quality of life.
The aim of this project is to reduce the discomfort of feeling “different” from their friends through an informative training laboratory involving patients and their friends (and families). The lab consists of a brief theoretical part carried out by a pediatric diabetologist who will provide participants with easy explanations on diabetes and its treatment. During the practical part, the participants divided into groups and assisted by tutors, will create drawings, write tales or fables, informational poster to be distributed to schools, songs and whatever the creativity of the age and the moment will inspire them.
Working together (children/teenagers with diabetes and the healthy ones) will facilitate the integration and cooperation in order to overcome the barriers of “feeling different”. Diabetes will not be experienced as an obstacle to a normal life of relationship and friendship, but thanks to the correct information for those who are not diabetic well as for those who are diabetic, as an opportunity for growth together in solidarity and collaboration.

Organiser: Sifo ‐ Società Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera e dei servizi farmaceutici delle Aziende Sanitarie – Area Informazione Scientifica, Educazione e Informazione Sanitaria