Patients, public health, universities and industry have gained enormously from research collaboration across the EU. We have taken the EU’s framework programmes, open borders and shared standards for granted. Everyone has benefitted.

The unintended consequences of a messy UK departure from the EU may put a brake on the advances in health innovation and patient outcomes that European citizens have grown used to and expect.

Collaboration for public good can and should transcend politics. How can policy makers, researchers and the biotech industry keep collaboration channels open? The university sector has been vocal in highlighting the importance of the EU research collaboration; industry perhaps less so. Whilst goodwill exists and is essential, it will not suffice. What concrete steps can industry, regulators, practitioners and patients take now to ensure health innovation thrives and patient outcomes continue to improve?  Through a panel discussion and private dinner conversation organised in collaboration with the UK BioIndustry Association, Science|Business will convene influential European voices in innovation, policy and the healthcare industry to suggest ways of keeping channels of collaboration open.

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