Organiser: IBBL
Venue: 6 rue Nicolas Ernest Barblé, L-1210 Luxembourg
Registration: via
Dates: 26/28 Septembre 2017
Social media: @IBBLu (Facebook) @IBBLuxembourg (Twitter)

DNA is a long code which functions as a manual. It holds the instructions required for a living organism to develop, survive and reproduce. Errors in our DNA can lead to dysfunctions in our body and trigger diseases such as cancer. That’s the reason why it is so important for scientists to analyse our DNA, hoping to better understand the roots and modus operandi of such genetic diseases and eventually discover new treatments and prevention tools.

Come and test your scientific skills at IBBL by learning how to extract DNA from fruits with the household products that are in your kitchen.

Register by sending an email to and don’t forget to mention your preferred time slot. Note that the experience is limited to a maximum of 10 participants per group. Hurry up!

– Group I (FR) : 15h-16h30
– Group II (EN) : 16h30-18h
– Group III (EN) : 13h30-15h
– Group IV (FR) : 15h-16h30

As the biobank of Luxembourg, IBBL collects biological samples – blood, urine, stool… – divides their different components, such as DNA, and stocks the precious material before distributing it to researchers the world over. Discover more on