Venue: Segrate (Milano), via Fratelli Cervi 93 c/o Palazzo Lita (5° piano)

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: labs/training

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Biology explains why living organisms are so different. The aim of this educational lab is to teach primary school children (IV and V classes) new concepts regarding DesoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA), the essential molecule of life and the origin of our different appearances.  Why do I have brown eyes? Why am I blonde or brunette? Starting with a simple question on the physical characteristics, children will discover the essential factors that shape their bodies and the DNA structure. A color code will be used to explain the specificity of the DNA base pairing (adenine A with thymine T, cytosine C with guanine G). In this laboratory experience, children will understand how the DNA molecule is present in each of the organism cells and they will experience how to extract this molecule from fruit, visualizing it in a laboratory tube.

Organiser: Istituto di Bioimmagini e Fisiologia Molecolare (IBFM) del CNR