Venue: Trieste, Stazione Marittima, Molo dei bersaglieri 3

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: conference

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The first-ever event devoted to the biomedical sector, biotechnology and bioinformatics in the Alpe-Adria area.

Globally, biotechnologies, the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences are facing a number of new challenges brought about by market and R&D dynamics. Euro Bio High Tech provides an answer to those challenges, by making available and showcasing dozens of research and development projects implemented by companies as well as research centres.


Innovating the market and relations among the key players, thus favouring the ongoing search for cutting-edge solutions in the field of healthcare.
Connecting the various sides of the “Biotech Smart Health” sector: the enterprises implementing innovative research projects, research centres, technological transfer departments from general hospitals co-managed by universities, CMOs (contract manufacturing organisations) and the companies connected with the world of healthcare, in view of creating new business opportunities.
Promoting the collaboration between the world of research and the national healthcare services in the Alpe-Adria countries.
Becoming an annual event at which national and local institutions, as well as those from neighbouring countries, can meet and share new technologies, applications and processes, also connected to digital innovation, in order to guarantee better and more effective healthcare services.

Why Trieste?

  • Trieste lies at the heart of the largest concentration, at national and international level, of operators in the biotech sector
  • because it hosts the headquarters of the Bio High Tech District, which in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region can count on a favourable ecosystem comprising over 150 companies working in the biomedical, biotechnology and bioinformatics fields, boasting overall annual sales of over 800 million Euro and more than 5,000 employed workers.
  • because since 1964 the city has attracted, promoted, created and hosted a wide number of national and international institutions, which are main sector players: the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), now the Abdus Salam International Centre; the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA); the AREA Science Park; the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), having also branch locations in New Delhi and Cape Town; the CBM – Molecular Biomedicine District of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region; the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS); the Immaginario Scientifico Science Centre; the UNIDO International Centre for Science (ICS); ELETTRA an international research center specialized in generating high quality synchrotron light.
  • because, owing to its privileged geographic location, the city holds a prominent role in strategic, political and economic terms, favouring direct contact with Central and Eastern European countries, with which Trieste keeps long standing fruitful institutional and economic relations, and which have allowed the city, over the past few years, to act as a bridge towards Western Europe and the European Union.

Why Euro Bio High Tech?

  • Uniqueness: It represents a concentration of local centres of excellence in the Bio High Tech field that is truly unique in the world
  • Cross-disciplinary nature: It showcases, in an integrated and synergic way, companies working in the fields of biomedical technologies (BioMedTech), biotechnologies (BioTech) and bioinformatics (BioICT)
  • Completeness: It concretely features all the elements of the production chain, ready for market entry: Research & Development – Finance – Production – Distribution.

How the event is structured

The event offers a comprehensive overview of the Bio High Tech sector, concentrated over two days of exhibitions, meetings and workshops.

  • Exhibition area devoted to companies, where they can present their research projects, innovations and products
  • Match-making meetings and scheduled one-to-one meetings
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • Project presentation area managed by the technological transfer departments and the scientific committees from research centres, universities, state-run and private providers of healthcare and social services


  • High-tech companies specialising in:
    Biomedical engineering, in-vivo diagnostics
    In-vitro diagnostics
    Medical informatics and bioinformatics
    Innovative therapy
    AAL – Ambient Assisted Living
  • Research centres
  • Academic Hospitals
  • Laboratories from general hospitals co-managed by universities


  • Technological transfer departments from hospitals and research centres
  • Buyers & procurement department representatives from pharmaceutical companies
  • Purchase departments: analysis laboratories that operate independently or in the framework of an agreement with the National Healthcare Service; wholesalers and distributors of medical devices and analysis equipment, healthcare technicians working in biomedical laboratories; local health authorities, residential care institutions; EGAS: Authority for the centralised management of shared services
  • Rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, private hospitals
  • Companies dealing with cosmetics and food supplements
  • Investors; life insurers
  • Clinical engineers
  • Reporters

The exhibition venue

Surrounded by the sea along its three sides and located just a few steps away from the main square (Piazza Unità d’Italia), the Maritime Station is one of Trieste’s most significant historical landmarks. It provides visibility and prestige for all exhibitions and events, guaranteeing easy accessibility by visitors, who can reach it by foot from many central hotels and is provided with its own parking lot. The exhibition areas, adjacent to the workshop and conference rooms, will feature booths and meeting areas guaranteeing privacy and comfort for the operators during the course of their meetings.

Organizer: Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce and industry- Special Agency ARIESSpecial Agency