Progetto BioTecnoLogico is a scientific dissemination initiative organized by students of the Biotechnology, Biology and Medicine courses of the three Pisan universities. The goal is to tell in a simple and understandable way the themes that we study every day at the University and that are of great importance for our community.

In this event, entirely in digital format, students and professors play their part to involve in the debate on biotechnologies, which play an increasingly important role in our life, but of which we often know little or nothing. The event will consist of 4 webinars, two for each topic, spread over 30 September and 1 October.

The topics:

– genetic engineering in the agro-food industry;

– the covid19 experience and vaccines.

The importance of communication is the logical thread that connects all the interventions.

Each day, there will be two webinars:

– 10.00-11.00: thematic lesson for high school students, managed by students of Progetto BioTecnoLogico

– 17.30-19.30: online round table for university students and families, with the participation of professors, communicators and prominent personalities in the Italian panorama of biotechnological research and scientific communication.

BioTecnoLogico event is a moment of confrontation, a space to ask questions, to reflect on the importance that biotechnology applications play in everyday life: what we buy at the supermarket, what we eat, the vaccines that protect us and medicines that cure us … The knowledge and the opinion that everyone has on these issues can change society.

Science is made up of 3 fundamental gears: research, application, communication. Let’s find them out together!

Event host: Università di Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore
Event venue: Online event
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