Area of Interest:  Red, Green, White biotech

Type: Open doors

The Naples Division of the Institute of Biosciences and BioResources – CNR carries out fundamental research aimed to increasing the knowledge on basic biology and biotechnology. The research line, focused on understanding molecular adaptation to extreme temperatures, is realized through the molecular and biochemical study of proteins from thermophilic and psychrophilic organisms. These studies have not only effects in the field of molecular evolution and origin of life, but also for biotechnologies. During the event, the Institute’s researchers involved in these works will introduce students and teachers to the world of extreme organisms and their biotechnological aims; through interactive seminars they will share their international experiences, creating curiosity and spreading scientific knowledge.

Organiser: Istituto di Bioscienze e Bio Risorse, US Napoli – CNR


Area della Ricerca Na1

Via P. Castellino 111

Aula conferenze

Napoli, Italia


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