3 E-workshops to figure out together the next developments in rare diseases regarding some of the hottest issues at stake (Extended Newborn Screening, HTA, Advanced Therapies). The outputs of the e-workshops will be shared in order to help the stakeholders to mutually compare the scenarios for the future and to shape the path to collectively and successfully reach the target.

Step 1: making the issue crystal clear: let’s nail down the issue and think through its implications.

Step 2: which idea of future? Together the participants will write down using key words and a few lines their own idea of the developments of the issue in the next future. The host will constructively highlight the potentials and contraditions implied by the different scenarios emerged.

Step 3: cast your vote for best scenario: participants will be asked to take a poll in order to make one scenario stand out, the one that will likely gain the majority of votes.

Step 4: wrap up. Let’s understand the best scenario and analyze it by the composition of its voting basis.

Event venue: Online event
More info: egreteria@uniamo.org