Where? Milan Civic Aquarium

Viale G. B. Gadio, 2, Milan

In collaboration with Women and Technologies, Associazione Donne e Tecnologie

Themes about Biotechnology applied to Agrofood, Health and Industry will be fully discussed, through experiences and competences of businessmen, professors and researchers who managed to turn their passion into a real job.

Young people will receive practical information and will be stimulated to define and build their professional future, according to their talents and market demands.

The 2014 edition, placed in Civic Aquarium in Milan, will be addressed to students attending the last year of elementary school or middle school. Their parents and their teachers will be involved as well, to help students building an open and serene connection with experts and future experts of the activities of this event.

The debate will involve not only academic professors and people from biotech companies, but also, so as to be as close as possible to a very young audience, undergraduated students emerging for their innovative projects, graduate students and Erasmus students, able to share their international experiences, fundamentally important today and, even more, for future jobs.

Will be distributed to all schools adhering this project some books, with a guidebook for teachers, to be used in a preparatory phase, in order to render the debate as useful as possible. In particular, the book is entitled “Crazy in chemistry”, and the volume “I remember”, by Sabina Colloredo, in which chemistry turns into a romance addressed to kids.

The writer herself will be present at FutureCamp as a storyteller: this animated phase will open the meeting and will work as a warm-up for the following debate.