Area of interest: Red biotech

Type: Meeting/debate

This year, Future Camp Europe, a format devised by the Women & Technologies Association aimed at presenting to young people the jobs of the future in the different sectors of Life Sciences, dedicates the Biotech session to the Genome. The event will be organized in collaboration with COSP.  Well-known international experts will attend the event and will introduce the so-called “genetic editing” concept and the consequences of the broad use of molecular scissors of DNA. In addition the impact of the analysis of Big Data on Precision Medicine generated from genomic studies will be discussed. Finally the development of the Human Technopole in Milano in the next 10 years will be presented.

Address: Milano, Università degli studi di Milano, Dipartimento Scienze del farmaco – Aula magna, via Mangiagalli 25

For more information, please reach out to:

Organiser: Women & Technologies e COSP