Venue: Torino Esposizioni, Aula Gialla, corso Massimo D’Azeglio 15

Area of interest: white biotech

Type of activity: meeting/debate

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The event rises in the context of LIFE BIOREST (, an european project coordinated by Consortium Italbiotec in partnership with Turin University and other public and private entities. LIFE BIOREST is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the LIFE Programme “Environment and Resource Efficiency”. The aim of the project is to demonstrate the efficacy of a biological remediation approach for the decontamination of soils polluted by chemicals such as hydrocarbons, by-products of oil and benzene, which represent 45% of the total pollutants reported in Europe. The integrated approach proposed by LIFE BIOREST demonstrates the efficiency and environmental sustainability of a biological remediation method based on the use of bacteria and fungi naturally present in the contaminated soil, in order to validate an application model exportable at national and European level. Educational aspect is one of the central pillar of the communication and dissemination activities proposed by LIFE BIOREST. Since its recent launch the Project has already involved more than 100 students of higher technical Instituted of Piacenza in a training and environmental education route. In the context of the European Biotech Week the aim is to continue involving high schools, which have already collaborated with MUT – Mycotheca Universitatis Taurinensis of Turin University. The goal of our proposal is the organisation of a meeting, in order to raise awareness on environmental issues related to soil protection and its bioremediation with biotech solutions. The proposal is linked to the European petition #salvailsuolo, aimed to recognize soil as a common heritage that needs protection at European level, as it ensures food security, biodiversity conservation and climate changes regulation. The “Green Protection Day” will allow the involvement of a larger number of students and will also be open to sectorial stakeholders, enterprises and public bodies. The initiative will be a dedicate moment to dialogue, with the aims to deep the advantages of industrial biotechnology for health and environmental protection.

Organizer: Università degli Studi di Torino e Consorzio Italbiotec