HAE Visionary Seminar: Precision Oncology – Innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and their social-economic impact

25.09.2018 in Heidelberg #VisionarySeminarHD
The field of oncology is leading the precision medicine revolution.
Heidelberg and Leuven, as two major players in the field world-wide, present some of the most promising novel approaches in research from academia and industry.
However, their advancement into routine clinical practice is often hindered by requirements of the payer and reimbursement agency that are not met.
Eminent speakers discuss reimbursement challenges and policies, and cost-based pricing versus value-based pricing, from a patient, pharma, payor, and molecular diagnostics perspective.
Keynote: Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association
The Health Axis Europe Visionary Seminar is organised by the BioRN Cluster with SMART HUB Flemish Brabant (https://www.smarthubvlaamsbrabant.be/international/)


Annalisa Zuccotti