Venue: Ozzano Emilia, DIMEVET, via Tolara di Sopra 50, Aula Lanfranchi

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: meeting/debate, discussion/PlayDecide

More info:

The event will be divided in two parts: in the first part, scientific studies of immunotherapy in cancer will be presented; in the second part, the public will be involved in a role-playing game (PlayDecide). PlayDecide is a role playing game that allows participants to think on a scientific topic taking into account not only scientific topics but also ethical, economic and social ones. This activity allows participants to understand the complexity of the debate and the importance of finding a compromise in a society where every individual has different views and different feelings on the subject.

Cancer immunotherapy is the new frontier in the fight against cancer. The goal is to stimulate the immune system making it able to recognize and attack cancer cells. Recently, these therapies have also become available for animals.

Organizer: Corso di Laurea Magistrale di Biotecnologie Animali, Università di Bologna – Minerva