Where? Bergamo Scienza

Via Madonna della Neve, 27

In collaboration with Parco Tecnologico Padano, CASVIPLAB, Bergamo Scienza, Genessere

Nutrigenomics for everyone, interactive laboratory where to extract DNA and later discuss how to know it and how to use these information.

DNA is the base of all organisms: it is normally invisible to the naked eye, but it can be extracted and easily seen with simple ingredients we all have in our kitchens. From this DNA it is possible to get, although with more complex methods, a lot of useful information also concerning our health. Our DNA, for example, can “tell” if we are predisposed to certain diseases or our genetic story. Thanks to nutrigenomics, in the last few years we have been able to understand from our DNA which food is more appropriate to us and prevent the outbreak of intolerances and food pathologies. During the laboratory, a DNA extraction will be performed and there will be a debate on the implications that new knowledge will have on our lives.