Venue: Udine, Parco Scientifico e tecnologico Danieli, via Linussio 51

Area of interest: red biotech, green biotech, white biotech

Type of activity: meeting/debate

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The DNA sequence contains all the information necessary for our bodily functions. Upon completion, in 2003, of the Human Genome Project it soon became evident that knowing the entire sequence of the human DNA was not sufficient to understand neither the processes which keep us alive nor those at the origin of most diseases.
Today we know that a series of mechanisms called “epigenetic” control the use of our genetic information, without modifying the DNA sequence. There is also enough evidence that alterations in epigenetic mechanisms play a role in diseases such as cancer and muscular dystrophy.
Epigenetics research employs cutting-edge technologies and has generated a massive amount of new knowledge, which is not found in current school textbooks. This meeting will be an opportunity for students to interact with experts in epigenetics, who will explain the main concepts of the field and talk about their own research. The event is organized in collaboration with EPIGEN, a project unique in its kind that brings together 70 research teams from all over Italy.

Organizer: Istituto di Genomica Applicata in collaboration with IGA Technology Services Srl e con il progetto Epigen del CNR