Country: Italy


Venue: Luogo: Catania, Area della Ricerca del CNR - Via Paolo Gaifami 9-18


An exploratory journey to learn about the application of biotechnologies in the agri-food sector.

– in the ‘In vitro cultures’ laboratory, techniques will be shown to breed seedlings in sterile conditions and in a controlled environment in order to rapidly restore and propagate useful and innovative plant species. In addition, experiments on the effects of the different components of the light spectrum on the growth of seedlings will be presented in the appropriately prepared growth chamber.

– in the IBE ‘Plant Physiology’ laboratory, instruments that measure the response of plants to light will be shown in operation by touching and verifying the activity of photosynthesis but also the reflection of light by plants;

(Visitors will be divided into small groups taking into account the anti-COVID legislation. If there are no conditions to carry out the event in person, a digital event will be set up).