Venue: Udine, Parco Scientifico e tecnologico Danieli, via Linussio 51

Area of interest: Red biotech, Green biotech, White biotech

Type of activity: meeting, debate

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The environment is a source of constant stimuli or stress factors which living organisms must respond to in order to survive. An important component of the stress response is the ability to recall the stimulus, this prepares the organism to react faster when the event takes place a second time. How do plants process and remember environmental stress? Prof. Michele Morgante from the University of Udine and scientific director of IGA will explain the genetic and epigenetic principles of the stress response in plants and will discuss how current research can shed light on new plant breeding and cultivation methods within the context of climate change. After the seminar the audience will be invited to visit the IGA research facilities.

Organizer: Istituto di Genomica Applicata in collaboration with the CNR’S project Epigen e with the Museo Friulano di Storia naturale di Udine