On the first day, presumably on 28th/09 an event structured as a scientific conference will be held throughout the day. Master students, graduate students and young doctors will present their research and their career experiences.

Two external speakers will complete the program. It will be open to all and organized so as to have an important role during the incoming university orientation for high school students and “in itinere” orientation for Unisalento’s students. On 2nd/10, the activity will continue with an event including scientific seminars, presentations of startups and biotechnology companies closed by a round table with biotechnology-related stakeholders.

Event host: Consiglio didattico dei corsi di laurea in Biotecnologie e Biotecnologie Mediche e Nanobiotecnologie UNISALENTO, CNR-IFC, CNR-ISPA, CNR-Nanotec e CBN-IIT (Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies dell’IIT)
Event venue: Lecce, Capus ECOTEKNE, Aula D12
More info: tiziano.verri@unisalento.it