Venue: Milano, Dipartimento di Scienze farmaceutiche, via L. Mangiagalli 25, aula C03

Area of interest: all biotech sectors

Type of activity: labs training, meeting/debate

More info:

Our body is composed of approximately 100 trillion microbial cells, most of which are inoffensive, and very many are important for our health (e.g. helping digest food and fend off infections). Some of them are however harmful to their human hosts and have been linked to several clinical conditions. Together, the microbial cells inhabiting our body make up what is called the “microbiome”. The generated knowledge around microbiome is now attracting the interest of the biotechnology industry. Several companies aim at developing new therapies that alter the microbiome for the benefit of human health, either as drugs or as food additives, or exploit the microbiome potential for cosmetic improvement. However, the microbiome may find applications in different other environments, such as plant and environmental health, agriculture, energy production and others. The future will witness the microbiome as a “ghost worker” in many sectors of our life, and many new job profiles will be needed to satisfy the increasing request for highly specialized workers.

Organizer: Women & Technologies Association