The conference NEW AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES is one of the most visible activities of the glyconet Berlin Brandenburg. The 2nd edition of this event will pay special attention to those technologies with the potential to be applied in future medical patient care, especially in diagnostics and/or therapeutics.

As an interdisciplinary networking event, the conference will again be a forum for researchers, physicians, representatives from industry, and government officials to discuss recent advances, to identify synergies, and to find new opportunities for cooperation. The conference addresses questions and topics ranging from biotechnology to medicine.

Topics to be covered:

Antibody Technologies
Aptamers and Functional Nucleic Acids
Advanced Imaging Techniques
Novel Targets and Drug Delivery Systems

The main objective of the event is to share insight on how pioneering technologies and innovative approaches are being applied in order to increase efficiencies and yields, whilst reducing development timelines. Speakers are invited to share their latest insights, and discuss challenges in an open environment that provides practical knowledge and new solutions for teams from industry, academia and research organizations.

Venue: Fraunhofer Conference Center, Potsdam, Germany