The proposed events will be held at IRCCS Neuromed, within the framework of European Researchers’ Night initiatives and will involve mainly high schools. Students will attend “open biobank” sessions, during which they will visit the Neuromed biobank and meet researchers in an informal way.

The main topics of these meeting will be: opportunities for advancing researches in prevention and health, offered by existing or developing biobanks worldwide; technological aspects of biobank functioning; ethical issues related to sample and DNA storage in biobanks.

Venue: Neuromed biobanking center, parco tecnologico IRCCS Neuromed, Via dell’Elettronica, Sala riunioni biobanca e auditorium Marc Verstraete, Pozzilli (IS)

Focus: Red Biotech

Type: Meeting/Debate, Open doors

More info:

Organiser: Neuromed Biobanking Center, Maria Benedetta Donati, Amalia de Curtis