Venue: Humanitas University Campus, via Rita Levi Montalcini, Pieve Emanuele

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: labs/training

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Understanding how the brain works can help us to improve our daily lives. The development of powerful technologies has recently allowed neuroscientists to unravel many mysteries about this fascinating organ and its interesting functions.
Here, we propose an educational initiative dedicated to young students interested in exploring the brain “wonders”. The session will be composed by two parts: an introductory seminar (specifically tailored for the age group in the audience) and a “hands-on” session with interactive games and workshops. Neuroscientists from Humanitas will discuss how modern biotechnologies have impacted on recent and important neuroscience discoveries, which are connected with our health and quality of life. Then, multiple “play stations” will be organized for the public to explore and learn in a highly interactive setting. We will cover a variety of topics: “meeting” the cells that compose our brains (neurons and glia) and understanding the process of learning and neuronal plasticity; probing our memory and discussing the consequences of memory loss; testing our different sensory systems and investigating more brain curiosities. At the end of the activities, scientists will be available for a “speed dating” session to answer questions and curiosities raised by the students. Two individual mornings for the two different audiences: primary school (September 28th) and high school (September 29th).

Organiser: Humanitas University