Venue: Toscana Life Sciences, edificio MRC, Strada del Petriccio e Belriguardo 35, sala auditorium
Area of interest: agricultural biotech
Type of activity: meeting/debate
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Human activities release pollutants in abiotic matrices (air, water, soil, sediment) affecting both aquatic and terrestrial trophic web. As consequence of environmental deterioration food supplies and spring water could be affected by pollution.
Here we will define principal classes of environmental pollutants and will describe their physical and chemical properties defining their ecotoxicological effects on biota. We will describe principal environmental routes and some effects on trophic webs defining, in particular, impacts on marine environments. We will describe levels of chemicals in food for human consumption. Some recent advances on researches in these fields will be reported to exemplify real-case study.
This meeting is organised with the collaboration of Bioscience Research Center (BsRC), engaged in environmental monitoring of different classes of pollutants of some ecotoxicological concern (i.e. metals, persistent organic pollutants, antibiotics, musk, metabolites, plastic litter, etc.) and determining transfer towards trophic webs and different food for human consumption.

Organizer: Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences in collaboration with Bioscience Research Center