Country: Italy

Host: Inail, Fondazione Santa Lucia & CNR

Venue: Rome (INAIL Headquarter)


Two types of events will be held:

  • The first of a formative type | Increase the culture and skills for the prevention and protection of health and the environment in the event of the contained use of genetically modified microorganisms: with the creation of a network between the RSPPs of the universities and hospitals and the institutions for an effective and systematic comparison on basic knowledge and new work evidence that can emerge in reality so inevitably “fluid”, in compliance with Legislative Decree 206/2001;
  • The second as a meeting / debate | The intention is to stimulate a constructive debate on the safety of use of the New Biotech Techniques among the various stakeholders: Institutions, Researchers and Public Opinion / Second grade secondary schools. Within a space of narration and a place for comparison, some of the most interesting issues that arouse divisions in public opinion and that are not yet the subject of clear regulation by the legislator for accelerated technological progress with respect to auditing capacity of the regulator.