Area della Ricerca in Pisa, Italy, invites you to a conference on public-private interaction, focusing on biotech innovation and technology transfer.

9.15: Registration

Plenary session – Aula Magna

10.00:  Welcome address and introduction by:

Prof. Tullio Pozzan, Director, Department of  Biomedical Sciences – CNR

Ing. Domenico Laforenza, President, Pisa Research Area (tbc) – CNR

Dott. Leonardo Vingiani, Director, Assobiotec

10.15: Development opportunities and technology transfer from research to enterprises:

CNR policy in technology transfer, Dott. Alberto Silvani, Research Exploitation – CNR (tbc)

Biottasa+ Project, Dott.ssa Barbara Angelini, Research Exploitation – CNR

Patent Window Project, Prof. Claudio Roveda, Cotec Foudation

Financial support for innovation, Dott.ssa Martelli

11.15: Coffee break

11.30: Thematic sessions:  presentations by researchers of technologies of potential interest for private enterprises in: Agro-industry, Diagnostics,  Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Nutraceutics, Prosthesis and Odonthology, Services, Electro-biomedical Instruments; Instruments for industrial waste recycle; Instruments for environmental surveys/monitoring

13.30: Lunch break

14.30: One to one meetings between researchers and companies

16.30: Closing


Where: Pisa– Area della Ricerca, CNR

In collaboration with: Area della Ricerca, CNR

Further information: Elsa Fortuna –