In a sector where innovation saves lives, 3D printing allows doctors, researchers and health professionals to work towards a more thoroughly tested and personalized care. Today, 3D printing is used in a wide variety of situations, including the production of medical devices – e.g. orthopedic prostheses -. The main purpose of this event is to describe the different functions and applications of 3D printing namely:

  • improve the quality of education through practical training;
  • support innovation in hospitals via personalized devices;
  • optimize surgical planning;
  • validate device performance;
  • mitigate costs and allow doctors to study a series of possible clinical scenarios.

The event includes a video session, followed by a practical session with a quantitative questionnaire. Afterwards, 3D printing experts from the medical field will present examples of 3D printed anatomical models, device prototypes, etc. that have improved patient conditions using customized products. This event will end with a discussion as well as an interactive learning test.

Venue: Policlinico di Bari

Focus: Red Biotech

Type: Meeting/Debate

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Organiser: Chiara Lamesta SIFO – Componente AREA GIOVANI; Raffaele Petti SIFO – SIFOWEB; Cataldo Procacci SIFO – Componente AREA GIOVANI Università degli studi di Bari