The unique conference “Revolution in Food and Biomass Production” brings together pioneers and innovators in Cologne, Germany’s fourth-largest city and meeting place for international business, on 1 and 2 October 2018.

Sustainability revolution in food and biomass production based on nine innovation pillars

Revolution is a strong term, but it might just be the right word for what is going on in food and biomass production. In nine areas, major upheavals and innovations are taking place, largely independently of each other. But taken together, they represent a transformation that brings our entire food and biomass production to a whole new level, being more efficient, sustainable, healthier and more in harmony with nature.

What are these nine areas of innovation? Precision farming (with robots, drones, AI) makes fertilization and crop protection perfect; biostimulants use the microorganisms in the soil instead of fighting them; home, urban and vertical farming open up new areas for local food production; new concepts enable agriculture under the most extreme conditions (desert, ice and even on Mars); the latest plant breeding technologies enable optimal adaptation to local conditions, higher nutrient contents and improved photosynthesis; insects, algae and direct use of CO2 with bacteria open up new protein sources; small holder farmers and organic farming are provided with completely new opportunities; sustainable use of the seas and modern aquaculture open up new food sources; biorefineries can produce a variety of food and non-food products from any type of organic material, with full utilization of biomass.

Does this deserve the name revolution? We think it does! Come to Cologne and meet the leading companies and scientists who already now have the concepts that will change the world of tomorrow.

A total of 50 speakers and 30 exhibitors will show the future of food and biomass production, 500 participants are expected. The programme is available online:

Attractive early bird opportunities are available until end of August.

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