Biotechnologies offer a means to respond to the challenges of the future in many different fields ranging from environmental protection to human health. To describe the contribution of our work to the advancement of biotechnologies, we can adjust the famous sentence of Neil Armstrong: “one small step for a laboratory, one giant progress for mankind”.

CNR researchers of both the Institute of Research on Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Institute of Biosciences and BioResources will introduce students and teachers to the fascinating world of biotechnology; through interactive seminars they will share their international experiences, creating curiosity and spreading scientific knowledge.

Venue: Napoli, CNR-Area della Ricerca Napoli 1, Via P. Castellino 111, Sala Conferenze

Focus: Red Biotech, Green Biotech, White Biotech

Type: Meeting/ Debate; Open doors

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Organiser: Istituto di Ricerca su Ecosistemi Terrestri (IRET) SS Napoli, Istituto di Bioscienze e BioRisorse SS Napoli (IBBR)