Hands-on laboratory experience followed by a discussion on biotechnological research and its impact on society in our everyday life. Participants will be able to experience two hours of real laboratory life by performing experiments from ongoing projects at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, dealing with microbial, plant and molecular biotechnologies. Experiments have been selected so that participants with no previous laboratory experience can perform them in complete safety.

More ongoing projects will then be presented, and it will be possible to interact and discuss directly with the scientists involved.

The event will take place on Wednesday 25 from 2 to 4 pm and on Thursday 26 in the morning, from 10 to 12.

Different experiments will be performed simultaneously in 3 different labs, with a capacity of 24 people each. In order to secure your seat, please register your attendance by sending an email to  scienziatiinprova@gmail.com

Venue: Laboratori Didattici di Biologia Sperimentale, Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie, Università di Pavia, via Ferrata 9, Pavia

Focus: Red Biotech, Green Biotech, White Biotech

Type: Labs/Training

More info: http://news.unipv.it/?p=41852 

Organiser: Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie dell’Università degli Studi di Pavia