Host: The Science Basement - University of Helsinki | Aalto University

Country: Finland

Venue: Online (Zoom)


Have you ever wanted to meet a scientist and ask them about their work? In the Afternoon in the Science Basement talk series, join us for a short presentation by a scientist followed by a lively discussion with the audience.

This month, we are presenting a talk by Aalto-Helsinki 2021 iGEM team.

We live in a world with many microbes, they even live in our guts (scientists call these microbes: gut microbiota). Our gut microbiota, consisting of various species of bacteria and fungi, is associated with a variety of diseases for which the mechanisms are still unclear, including mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. The Aalto-Helsinki 2021 iGEM team designed a biosensor called Gutlux, which allows scientists to explore the connections between gut microbiota and mental health. This biosensor works by detecting individual compounds produced by the gut microbiota and potentially associated with a specific state of health.

Where: ZOOM
When: 30 September 2021 04:30 PM

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