Venue: Roma, Università Tor Vergata, Macroarea di Ingegneria, Aula Convegni, via del Politecnico 1

Area of interest: all biotech sectors

Type of activity: meeting/debate

More info:

Long-term human presence beyond Earth and in Martian outposts is a realistic goal of several public and private space players. This implies devising habitation modules for deep space exploration and supporting crews in space with minimal dependency from Earth. To this aim, progress is being made thanks to innovative technological solutions derived from different research sectors. From nano-material science to advanced biotechnology, in a unique mix of expertise and technological challenges. Several aspects will be addressed, from agriculture in extreme environments as a central paradigm to develop self-sustaining ecosystems and nutraceutical food in space, to synthetic biology with the use of microorganisms as feedstock, chassis for on-demand products and in-situ resource utilization.

Organizer: Enea, Divisione biotecnologie e agroindustria, Laboratorio biotecnologie e Università degli Studi Tor Vergata, Dipartimento di Biologia