A delegation of about 30 students on their last year and interns will be invited to the Genzyme sanofi offices. In addition to this, a streaming connection will be activated for those who cannot physically join the event. The objective of the day is not only to introduce Sanofi to students/interns, but also – and foremost – to make them understand that the work of the a biotechnologist is not limited to a laboratory, but it is also relevant to a pharmaceutical industry.

Venue: Sanofi Genzyme, Strada Scaglia Est, 136, Modena

Focus: Red Biotech

Type: Labs/Training, Open doors

More info: serena.bellaluna@sanofi.com, filippo.cipriani@sanofi.com, alice.manfredini@sanofi.com

Organiser: Sanofi Genzyme