Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, and it benefits society and individuals in many ways. Based on renewable resources, industrial biotech can reduce waste and CO2 emissions while improving the efficiency of production processes. Energy-saving cold-water detergents, biofuels made from trash, and natural alternatives to fertilizer are all possible thanks to the magic of enzymes and microorganisms.

As such, there is much to celebrate about biotechnology.

And it is why, this year, Novozymes takes part in the European Biotech Week, a week-long series of events celebrating biotechnology across EU countries.

During Biotech Week, Novozymes will launch the “Teach for Tomorrow” initiative. Novozymes employees globally will be encouraged to teach in local schools and introduce children to the fascinating world of enzymes and microorganisms. Both scientists and non-scientists can participate on a voluntary basis, and the company will provide training and materials for those who are interested.

By entering classrooms, we want our employees to share their passion for biotech and open young minds to the potential of biology. As the global population grows and resources are limited, we hope to inspire the next generation to play an active role in making the transition towards the bioeconomy”, says Tina Sejersgård Fanø, Executive Vice President at Novozymes.

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